Who is Christopher Mallick?

Who Is Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick? The dirty run down..

Chris Mallick Middle Men
Chris Mallick (right) with cast and crew, Kelsey Grammer (left) and George Gallo (middle)

After his letting go from web processing giant, Paycom, John Christopher ‘Chris’ Mallick was able to create, ePassporte, from a very generous severance package afforded to him by his previous employer. Essentially a smaller more specialized version of Paypal, Christopher Mallick started this company in late 2002/2003 and it saw many fruitful years.

Things wouldn’t stay peachy forever, though. In the latter part of last decade, Chris Mallick founded “Oxymoron Entertainment” a film and television production company that proved to be anything but the huge success once former e-commerce mogul Christopher Mallick had intended it to be. It was in constant need of cash injections to prevent it from going under and aside from Mallick’s own funds, more funds had to be found quickly.. and from somewhere. In early September 2010, Christopher Mallick’s company, ePassporte had its Visa contract revoked due to what the host bank, St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd. called “certain deficiencies”. Chris Mallick’s, ePassporte clients were in a huge panic. Chris had no explanation to offer his clients, and the worst was yet to come.

In late 2007, ePassporte inaugurated a special feature to their clients accounts called the “wallet”. This enabled clients to store funds that were not in immediate need of use in this segregated “wallet” portion of the account where it would be kept safe from fraud and misuse. This turned out to be a terrible irony. Funds in the “less safe” Visa portion of the account were promptly returned by the host bank, St Kitts, whereas the bank had no knowledge whatsoever of any “wallet” funds or where they might be. Clients made the fair assumption that any funds deposited into the accounts would stay at the same banking institution, St Kitts.

As it turned out, the wallet feature of the accounts, when money would be transferred into it would be whisked away to another bank or somewhere unknown to the account holder and totally without their consent or authorization. If this isn’t beginning to sound fishy then one of us needs to take “Consumer Banking 101 for beginners’.

Don’t Be Fooled.. or ‘Mallicked’ as has became a common expression among his victims and those in that care enough to research this individual and his past highly questionable deeds and actions –

Christopher Mallick True
The REAL Christopher Mallick

Full name: John Christopher Mallick -or- Christopher Mallick; Chris Mallick JC Mallick Christopher J Mallick Christopher John Mallick

Date of birth: February 12, 1959 Place of birth: Texas, United States of America

Nationality: American, Lebanese heritage

Comprehensive information on the company’s state prior to dissolution can be found here:

* http://krebsonsecurity.com/2010/09/visa-blocks-epassporte/

* http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/visa-suspends-epassporte-electronic-money-service/

* http://www.thestkittsnevisobserver.com/2010/09/10/epassport-controversy.html

In this filing, Christopher Mallick’s address is listed as being the following, which is, in fact – a P.O. Box operated by UPS:

Suite 563 13428 Maxella Avenue Marina del Rey, CA 90292 United States of America

Property tax filings by Christopher Mallick reveal a different address – possibly his current residence:

150 Union Jack Mall Los Angeles, CA 90292 United States of America

Christopher Mallick Still Silent On Missing Money

Christopher Mallick’s former ePassporte clients aren’t going away!

Christopher Mallick
Christopher Mallick, Where’s The Money?

Frequently Asked Questions: –

Why this website, what are you hoping to achieve?

First and foremost since Mr John Christopher Mallick apparently cannot keep his word in regards to missing money belonging to not only myself but many dear friends of mine. I feel it is my duty to discourage as many people as possible against associating or doing business with Mr Mallick or at the very least that they must exercise the utmost caution and due diligence wherever their money is concerned and Mr Mallick.

Secondly, since Mr Mallick and his attorney’s appear unwilling to answer questions via phone or email, I have no other choice but to relay questions to them through the public sphere. I kindly ask that J Christopher Mallick reveal the location of my as yet un-returned wallet funds that he himself declared were safe and that would be returned to myself and other account holders without delay.

Four years later I have yet to recieve one cent of my money or been sent correspondence by either Chris Mallick or his attorney’s as to the location of my money or how I could go about obtaining it.

Wait a minute, I thought Mallick said he paid everyone?

No doubt you read the Details Magazine interview done by Sanjiv months after the ePassporte blowup, where he claims the majority of account holders were paid and “95% of the people clamoring for their money are frauds”. I haven’t been paid (neither have dozens of my close friends and associates).

One can reasonably assume that Christopher Mallick is accusing myself and others of being frauds or engaging in fraudulent behavior for merely wanting to know the whereabouts of our money. Somewhat slanderous don’t you think? Money that Chris himself said on many occasions (and even attested by signing his own name under such statements, see link at top of page), was “safe”.