Christy Taylor Barnes and Christopher Mallick

Christy Taylor Barnes proves invaluable asset to Mallick

Sounds like names on a wedding invitation, with more loyalty and trust for each other than the average couple getting hitched nowadays, but in reality its more a match made in hell than heaven.

Christy Taylor Barnes and Christopher Mallick started their relationship at none other than, Paycom, the company Chris would later be fired from for misappropriation among other things. Christy left with him, and together (with a very generous severance package) would form, ePassporte N.V.

Christy Taylor Barnes
Christy Taylor Barnes.. always useful.

Christy was more than just a pretty face at ePassporte. She was essentially responsible for all the company’s daily affairs and ensuring the ship sailed swiftly, and if it were to hit the proverbial iceberg and sink, she’d be the girl to ensure all the bigwigs departed safely. Women and children first is a little old fashioned, don’t you think?

Not only was Christy Taylor Barnes responsible for the post disaster evacuation plan for ePassporte, but she was appointed head fixer of the inevitable mess that would ensue.

Thousands of people worldwide were frantically worried about the whereabouts of their personal funds. Funds Christopher Mallick himself announced were “safe” and would be returned them in signed statements and press releases he issued himself.

Months would pass and folks were angry, and rightfully so. Forums, websites, and social media pages were abuzz with comments like: “Where is our money?” and “When will you send my wire transfer, Mallick!”. Accusations of thievery and misappropriation rampant. Could you really blame them?

Oh my god, somebody call Christy! She would be the gal to ensure all the masses would be kept under control and together with attorney’s, Michael Weiss and Nina Nahal Ameri, would send out DCMA take-down notices quicker than a drunk can find a bar.

Christy Taylor Barnes sends DCMA
Example of a DCMA take down sent to Google. Notice Christy Taylor Barnes as the sender

Not satisfied simply with taking down any sites or pages that attempt to speak the truth about John Christopher Mallick, Christy Taylor Barnes also participates in the notorious Internet practice of “Cyber Squatting”. Cyber Squatting is where one party registers a domain name and simply hoards it to prevent anyone else using it for any legitimate purpose.

Christy Taylor Barnes domain name
Christy Taylor Barnes registers

In the example above, Christy Taylor Barnes registered for the express intent of preventing yet another victim of Christopher Mallick and ePassporte from exercising their right to free speech and their dissatisfaction with Christopher Mallick and his failure to uphold his word.

Clearly Christy is a diabolical genius and its no surprise Christopher Mallick appointed her President of Oxymoron Entertainment along with Producer roles in many of his films and various productions. Take it from me, this chick is one to watch out for!