Christopher Mallick Signed Statements

Here is evidence of Christopher Mallick’s inability to keep his own word while issuing misleading and knowingly providing factually incorrect information regarding the state and whereabouts of his clients funds.

Unless Mr John Christopher Mallick will attest that these are forgeries or if he still stands by his word that the funds are safe and will be returned, then it is obvious what Mr Mallick is guilty of and judging by his past history at similar e-commerce outfits it would not be the first time.

Statement issued by Mr John Christopher Mallick at the start of the ePassporte fiasco:

Christopher Mallick ePassporte Statement
Christopher Mallick tries to calm his clients..


Chris Mallick tries yet again when there is no sign of clients money being returned

Christopher Mallick ePassporte Two
Christopher Mallick tries again and still no sign of the money..

Christopher Mallick “Details” Magazine Interview where he says the majority of clients have been paid.. I haven’t! Why not?!

Christopher Mallick Details Magazine
Christopher Mallick talks to Details Magazine

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