Christopher Mallick Attorneys

Christopher Mallick Attorneys – Michael J Weiss, Nina Ameri, and Thomas H. Vidal of law firm AGMB LLP

Michael Weiss (pictured below) has somewhat of an unusual relationship with his client in that he is even listed as a “co-producer” on many of Christopher Mallick’s films produced through Oxymoron Entertainment

Michael Weiss Attorney

His law firm, ABMP LLP has issued dozens of DMCA “take down” notices for anyone who dares criticize his client, Christopher Mallick, his company Oxymoron Entertainment, or his films (which it would appear Michael Weiss has a monetary interest in seeing them succeed).

Christopher Mallick DMCA notice


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  1. Filed 8/14/12 Parness v. Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP CA2/7


    Michael Parness and Full Glass Capital, LLC sued Michael J. Weiss and his law firm, Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson,

    1. for fraud arising out of the financing of the film Gospel Hill. After appointing a referee to evaluate Weiss‟s contention he could not defend himself without disclosing protected lawyer-client communications and reviewing the referee‟s report, the trial court dismissed the claims against Weiss.

    We (the appeals court) REVERSE and remand that decision for a new hearing on Weiss…

    During discussions about the projected revenue for the film, the producers and Weiss told Parness that Gospel Hill Productions had entered into a written distribution agreement with Twentieth Century Fox in which the studio had agreed to pay $1.5 million upon delivery of the movie and guaranteed a theatrical release on at least 350 screens. They also told Parness Samuel L. Jackson was starring in the movie

    2. The Pleadings –

    On October 16, 2009, after Gospel Hill Productions had failed to repay the loans, Parness and Full Glass Capital filed a lawsuit for fraud and breach of contract against Gospel Hill Productions, the producers, Michael Weiss and others. A first amended complaint was filed in March 2010 and the operative second amended complaint on July 19, 2010.

    The sixth cause of action alleged Parness and Full Glass Capital had been fraudulently induced to loan money based on Weiss and the producers‟ misrepresentation they had a good chain of title to the screenplay. It further alleged the producers and Weiss failed to disclose there was no written agreement between the writers of Gospel Hill and Gospel Hill Productions transferring the copyright for the screenplay; the producers and Weiss failed to disclose the writers had not been paid for their screenwriting services; and the producers and Weiss presented Parness with a letter from the writers confirming they had been paid in full while simultaneously sending a letter to the writers from the producers stating, “We the undersigned hereby confirm that we have not paid you for your services as writers for the screenplay „Gospel Hill.‟ We will pay all the writers for their services upon all the financing being in place.”

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