Christopher Mallick and Epassporte – Four Years Later

“Your Funds Are Fully Safe And Protected”

“You Are Owed That And It Will Be Fulfilled”

“The Funds Are Secured”

If you take a look at Christopher Mallick’s Linked Page, Personal webpage or Facebook you will see no mention of ePassporte. You will see him covorting with stars, Luke Wilson, Gallo, Ribisi, etc. . But he has gone to great lengths to distance himself with his former pride and joy which abruptly closed shop four years ago and whose customer funds have to this day not been returned – contrary to claims by Chris Mallick in various interviews to the contrary.

Epassporte Four Years Later
Chris Mallick tall tales remind you of anyone?

Whoever was at fault, whether it was Visa or ePassporte is immaterial. The funds held in the more vulnerable Visa section of a clients account were all returned shortly after this fiasco began by the banking institution were those funds were held – St Kitts and Nevis Bank

Funds in the segregated “wallet” section of the clients account was supposed to be TOTALLY SAFE from fraud or misuse and available for wire transfer upon customers request. In fact ePassporte encouraged their clients to keep funds in the wallet portion of the account when not immediately needed.

Where are those funds held, Christopher Mallick? St Kitts bank has repeatedly stated they do not hold those funds, so where are they? Which banking institution are those wallet funds stored so customers like myself can retrieve them? As owner and chief operator of ePassporte,  can you please (finally) disclose this information to us?

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  1. He’s not ever going to disclose any information about your wallet funds. Embezzling, Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Bribery..etc.

    Mallick and his fraudulent acting lawyers only paid back the first $4 million after losing in court repeatedly, and still only wired the money on the last minute of the last hour of the last day before “his” assets were going to be seized. He then sent a letter out to his Epassporte victims who were about to receive their money, blaming their lawyer for his own misdeeds and attempting to poison the well of any future Zahavi lawsuit against him.

    He probably has sold it to himself as a legit loss, spent on his own luxury lifestyle so that he could promote himself. Massive sized ego it takes to convince yourself like that.
    In the end, he may force you to place pictures of all of his family online, from Texas to New York to California to Tennessee and out them all as the beneficiaries of a major fraud.

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